Our Story

Gold Coast Digital TV is a family operated business with many years of generational experience across QLD & NSW in antenna installation & earlier TV repairs going back as far as coin operated televisions.

We have seen our way through the early VHF broadcasting days in the 70’s to the now dominant UHF transmissions. We have designed & manufactured many types of antennas in the 90’s that still stand to this day on the NSW Central Coast and in the Tweed & Southern Gold Coast of QLD in the early 2000’s, & now into the modern era of digital its amazing how far we & TV has come.

Gold Coast Digital TV technicians are well acquainted in the South East QLD region, working previously under other business names & entity’s as either owners or sub contracting to other firms, servicing from Southern Gold Coast areas all the way to Northern Brisbane suburbs, with the majority of experience on the Gold Coast.
We aim to continue our legacy and deliver the Gold Coast people with quality & reliable antenna systems for the digital world.

VHF antenna installation in the 1970’S

Why Us

Its simple you want a great picture and need a strong reliable signal!
Gold Coast Digital TV is as experienced as any other long standing competitor in the market. We have chosen to remain in family businesses where we can focus on customer satisfaction and build on community input. We explain to our customers how their systems work and why we were called out.

Gold coast digital does not have the overheads that often come with larger businesses or franchises that usually offer TV antennas only as part of their services, we are purely about free to air broadcasting antenna receivers.

In recent Years there has been a large influx of installers in the market, from first timers in the digital boom to modern franchises with large budgets that are able to stretch their muscle onto the servicing market, also many electricians work antennas on the side, but do they necessarily understand how BER, MER, SNR, & the cliff edge affect of digital transmission works, including all interferences that commonly disrupt reception, are they really capable to understand QAM meters and interpret the results accordingly & have genuine experience day in and out in the industry & local area.
Gold Coast Digital TV will work with you on affordability and suitable services, fully insured and TAFE qualified.