Digital Antenna Installations Photo Gallery

Gold Coast Digital TV uses quality products from well known & long time suppliers such as:
Matchmaster, Hills, Kingray-GME, TEAC, Skyline & E-craft.

This Digital antenna was amplified from Kingscliff to the Mount Tamborine tower (35km North) to receive Queensland broadcasting stations instead of the limited NSW Mount Nardi service from Lismore.
With an additional 5 TV points on the system, this is where the correct design antenna & high gain amplifier can make all the difference to your systems signal levels and viewing choices.

This 10ft pole mount & 4G filtered high gain antenna was installed to combat the hill that was directly infront of the signals line of path. This is done to compensate for the height of the hill which acts as an obstruction to digital signal strength levels (particularly quality).
The customer achieved a good enough result with a signal survey & correctly positioned mount and avoided having to wear the cost of a booster as well.

A high gain 4G filtered antenna will clear up unwanted interference from 4G towers causing pixilation, they also can receive additional signal that other antenna designs cannot.
In combination a tripod roof mount can be conveniently installed looking tidy on your roof & out of the way. (provided signal levels are adequate enough to have the choice on exact positioning and mounting).

Pixilation problems can occur from fluctuating signal levels caused by dense trees blowing in the wind obstructing the line of path to the transmission tower.
In this case the antenna was old and rusted and not receiving signal properly in combination to being placed on a lower sublevel of the roof. The antenna was replaced and re-raised up to the apex of the roof where signal levels were more abundant and the winds effects were no longer fluctuating & dropping the signal to an unacceptable level.

Planned community developments are becoming increasingly more common in new estates particularly in northern Gold Coast suburbs. The Telstra hubs located in the garage distribute digital television through a mains neighbourhood system. This antenna was installed on one of these homes for numerous reasons including; intermittent drop outs effecting the whole area, difficulties dealing with Telstra and problems on particular channels that antenna installers are unable to resolve on a central hub that belongs to Telstra.
Installing your own antenna system eliminates these community system problems and gives you control over your free to air in your own home. The signal received by this antenna was strong enough to run 4 TV points on its own due to its clear line of sight to the local transmission tower and resolved the customers problems.