Pricing & Payment Options

Extra TV Outlets

TV outlets can range in price depending on your building structure, cabling accessibility, current antenna system (being able to handle extra points) and lengths of cable required.

Basic outlet Install from $90
*Multiple points discounted

Digital Antenna Installation

Antenna installation type is dependent on your location, signal availability & building structure, mounting systems also vary in price, as can antennas needed for your area, the best way to get a more accurate price is to have a free onsite quote. (Your system may also require amplification and/or filters to achieve desired results).
*Prices do not include TV outlet installed with antenna.

UHF Antenna with existing roof mount/pole from; $165
UHF High gain antenna from $199
Combination UHF/VHF antenna from $180
Antenna with tin/tile/ J- mount roof pole from $255
Antenna with 8ft-10ft pole with stays from $325
Antenna with 20ft pole, guy wired from roof $475
20ft ++ telescopic stage pole – by quote only

Masthead Amplification & Line Amps (boosters)

Amplifiers have different capabilities & gains and the correct one depends on your system requirements. Line amps vary depending on your outlets and signal losses.

Masthead Amplifier & Power supply installed from $195
Line Amps installed from $145

Interference Solutions

A broad spectrum analysis is needed to check data against errors, this may lead to various filters or new equipment to be installed & only quoted onsite.

Broadspectrum analysis test from $95

Signal Surveys

A signal survey comes under a service call fee to determine your signal strength and availability, in turn being able to relay the results to the client & recommending necessary action to be taken. This service is required in areas where are signals are obstructed.
* The price of a signal survey will be discounted if the job is undertaken after quoting.

Service callout fee $75

Cable Setup & Digital Boxes

Setting up &/or supplying cables for your entertainment system varies on the types of leads, and amount needed. Only quality HD digital boxes will be installed.

Digital boxes installed from $150
Setting up entertainment systems from $130
Minor systems or digital tuning from $85

TV Bracket Wall Mounting

Mounting TV brackets to the wall of your choice depends on the structural support of your wall & if you already have the brackets or if they need to be sourced & supplied.

Mounting wall TV with supplied bracket $95
*without bracket $180$250

* All prices should be used a general guide, particular factors & equipment in antenna systems can be dependent on each other, technicians will do their utmost to accurately assess your area and/or equipment on existing systems when onsite.

Payment Options

We offer easy & convenient on the spot payment options:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Debit or Credit cards
  • Cheques
  • Cash

Gold Coast Digital TV uses Square for all credit & Debit card sales. If you are not familiar with square, Its safe and secure backed by international credit law and encryption that you would expect from Mastercard or Visa services.
All transactions are recorded, either a email or text can be sent to your phone with a transaction ID immediately after payment, accompanied by a receipt from our company.
For more information regarding Square payments please refer to link below;